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I felt very grateful to the chance of being interviewed which you have provided to me. 如果你是对英语国家的顾主说的上面那段话,前面半句是中国式的客套哦,我觉得没有必要。。。

1.Excuse me,could you please advise me the boarding gate? 2.Where can we get the baggage?

The quality of the details of achievements, casting professional excellence

1.我按照说明操作正确 并且没有出错,所以我认为是他的质量问题。 i operate it according to the instruction without false,so i think it is the problem of its quality. 1. Since I have operated it properly according to the instructio...

我也来试试。首先怀疑holes这个词看错了,更象是是holds。 有些快乐更宜以沉默相示,因微笑更甚于言语。 曾被问及是否快乐于生命中有你?我仅以微笑相应。

啊闹撒,哦蚂蚁马萨卡控纳呆四类哇开袋斯卡?! あのさ~お前まさかこんな。。。。 (那个,你难道。。。。。) 欧码依稀带路代销,哦来挖他打洗衣袋闹戏带路 お前知ってるでしょう。俺はただ知っての知ってる (你也知道的吧,我只是了解我所了...

选举结束的任何东西的定义是最引人注目的比赛之一,画什么都出现了空前的公众利益 - -

I am the sun, without relying on whose light 我是太阳,无需凭借谁的光。 I heard that love is a murder.听说深爱是一场谋杀。 In my eyes you are the eternal stars

The boy Oliver Twist in the workhouse difficult grew up at the age of nine, he was sent to the coffin shop as an apprentice, hunger and insult made him escape. In the street, he was small pickpockets found closer to the den.

1.从我们出生起,就有追求幸福的权利。 2.无欲无求。(没有追求,就满足于现状) 3.广告,一种重要的传统产业。它的存在并不是为了满足各种欲望而是产生使人产生各种欲望--而且让这种欲望产生的速度高于人们口袋里的钱增长的速度。 them 指 thes...

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