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1.who's the tallest one in our class?it's Hui Zhen li2.what is the most famous food in Wu Han?it's re gan noodle3.what is the most famous building in China?it's the Great Wall4.who's the most popular singer in China?it's Jie Lun Zhou5.who's the most

1. the yellow river is china's second long river 2. shanghai is the world's largest cities 3. red, yellow and blue, which is your favorite 4. she is a two in one high 5. she more than any other class of people are high 6. qiang girls than any one class higher

1Red is the most popular color this summer. 2.Tom the tallest in his class. 3These flowers are most beautiful of all. 4 He is the strongest among them. 5 She looks the nicest today. 6He goes fastest.


原级 比较级 最高级 good better best many more most big bigger biggest smart smarter smartest badly wose wost carefully more carefully most carefully slowly slowlier slowliest healthy more healthy most healthy hot hotter hottest far farther farthest

Li Ming is taller than me.Li ming is the tallest boy in my class.

你好!My school is one the most famous schools in the city with a long history.First,it has got a big population of 2.200,including students and all staffs while many halls are still being build to enlalrge the scale.Second,it makes the highest record

i'm the best. i'm the most beautiful in the class. Jane is the thinnest girl in class.Tom is the tallest boy in the room. 暂时想不到这么多,先给你点吧

楼层: 1 [思路分析]如下[解题过程]在初中英语教材中,形容词的比较级和最高级是一个重点语法项目.使用形容词的比较级和最高级时应注意以下几点: 一、从范围上看,如果在同一范围内,形容词的比较级必须把自己排除掉,即自己不能与

(一) 写出下列形容词与副词的比较级与最高级形式:long_____ ______ wide ______ _______ fat ____ _____heavy____ ______ slow ______ _______ few____ _____brightly______ -_____ bably _____ _______ far____ _____quickly _____

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