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非常合适 very suitable

非常重要的 Something matters a lot to somebody Something means a lot to somebody.bears great significance be of crucial/key/desicive/great/extreme significance to somebody

very英 ['ver] 美 ['vri] adj. 恰好是,正是;甚至;十足的;特有的adv. 非常,很;完全n. (very)人名;(英)维里

非常的英语单词 :very; extremely; highly; extraordinary; unusual常用very , extremely, extraordinarily采纳哦!

very very miss you very much 非常非常 extremely / extrodinarily

Very 非常I like it very much 我非常喜欢它

非常 adj. great, vast adv. very, immensely, jolly, most, much, rattling, so, sorely, awfully, super, strong, strongly, extremely, badly, thundering, too, spanking, way, real, deuced, plenty, surprisingly, bitterly, almighty, dashed, fast, precious, passing, deucedly

一、非常的英语是very,音标英 [veri]、美 [vri].二、释义:1、adj.很,非常;恰好是,正32313133353236313431303231363533e4b893e5b19e31333431343665是;十足的;特有的 The queen is going to knight him with the very sword.


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