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in (a) ferment 在骚动中 in (full) bloom 盛开 in (high) glee 欢天喜地的 in (single) file 依次成纵队 in (the) large 大规模的 in (the) light of 按照 in (the) process of 在……过程中 in a …… guise 以……的外表 in a …… degree 有……的程度 in a ……

in 的固定词组:(1)in English (2) in red(3)in turn (4) in ink(5)in return (6) in 1987(7)in spring (8) in March(9)in the morning (10)in line(11)in front of (12)in the front of(13)in a hurry (14)in need of(15)in the tree (16)in use(17)in the sun (18)in touch

in [In] prep. 在之内(上), 在期间, 从事于, 符合, 穿着 adv. 进入, 朝里, 在家, 已到达(来临) adj. 在里面的, 执政的 n. 执政者, 入口 [域] India , 印度 in [in] prep. [表示地点、场所、部位]在.里; 在.内 Made in China. 中国制造

(1) In the air:尚未确定的 Some neighbouring governments' concrete plans to alleviate their economic problems are still in the air. (2) In clover:(常和 "live"连用)生活舒适 Those living in clover will not be able to understand the misery of the

in advance提前,in all总共,in balance总而言之,in bed卧床,in body亲自,in brief简明扼要,in case万一, in charge主管,in danger有危险, in debt负债, in despair失望,in force大量地;有效,in full全部地, in flower开花,in general一

in time fall in love with live in in front of check in chuck sth. in fill in believe in be interested in in turn come in take part in give in in danger in one's surprise go in for sth. take in

in的短语:in的用法非常多,本文主要介绍含有in的一些词组用法1.动词+in a)动词+ inbelieve in信任, break in碎成,bring in引起;产生;带来, call in下令收回, fill in填充,get in收获, hand in上缴, involve in涉及, lie in在于, result in导

pull in 进站,停下,靠岸 来源:dj.iciba.com 2.deceive in 对…感到失望 来源:dj.iciba.com 3.in cash 用现金 来源:dj.iciba.com 4.fold in 折成,对折成 来源:dj.iciba.com 5.take in 领会,接受,改小 来源:dj.ic

In the morning\afternoon\evening in a tin-pot way 蹩脚的,低劣的 in a trance 处于恍惚状态之中的 in a walk 轻而易举的 in a way 有点,几分 in a whirl 混乱的 in a whole skin 安然无恙 in a word 总之

bring in 带进 join in 加入 fall in 掉进 fall in love 爱上 believe in信任,break in碎成,bring in引起;产生;带来,call in下令收回,fill in填充,get in收获,hand in上缴,

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