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lovely 可爱的cute可爱的 funny 有趣的smart 聪明的cunning狡猾的 beautiful美丽的strong强壮的 elephant大象 cat猫 dog 狗monkey猴子 horse马 zeebra斑马 sheep绵羊 goat 山羊ape 黑猩猩 bird鸟 eagle 鹰 shark鲨鱼

cat cute dog friendly snake scary elephant big penguin funnyas blind as a bat(像蝙蝠一样盲目) as hungry as a bear(像熊一样饥饿) as busy as a beaver(像河狸一样忙碌) as busy as a bee(像蜜蜂一样忙碌) as songful as a bird(像鸟一

马--hard-working勤劳的 蛇--scary可怕的 蝴蝶--beautiful美丽的 熊猫--lovable惹人爱的 大象--big体型巨大 狮子--fierce凶猛的 猫--lazy懒的 狗--loyal忠诚的 兔子--cute可爱的 老鼠--dirty肮脏的pretty美丽的 tall 高的 short 矮的lovely 可爱的cute可爱的


animal ['niml]n.动物an animal has senses but no reason.beast [bi:st]n.兽there are wild beasts in the mountains.山中有野兽.creature ['kri:t] n.生物, 动物the crocodile is a strange-looking creature.鳄鱼是一种模样古怪的动物.一般单

lion狮子 bear熊 tiger老虎 leopard豹 wolf狼 monkey猴子 fox狐狸 deer鹿 zebra斑马 horse马 mule骡 ass驴 camel骆驼 ox公牛 cow母牛 dog狗 goat山羊 sheep绵羊 pig猪 cat猫 hen母鸡 cock公鸡 goose鹅 swan天鹅 fish鱼 太多了,别的就不写了.

描述动物的常用英文形容词1. fluffy (like a baby bird; a duckling) 毛茸茸的2. amphibious (can live on land and in water; a frog) 两栖的3. furry (covered with a thick coat of fur; a bear) 长毛的;毛绒的4. ferocious (savagely fierce; a tiger) 凶猛的5.

狮子lion 豹leopard 熊猫panda 老虎tiger 狼wolf 斑马zebra 公牛bull 母牛cow 小牛calf 水牛buffalo 山羊goat 绵羊sheep 羊羔lamb 熊bear 骆驼camel 鹿deer 大象elephant

人:beautiful, good, smart, inspiring, bright, positive, negative, peaceful, excellent, bad, trouble, thoughtful, ingenious, prompt, clever, wise, perspicacious 动物:cute, sleepy, gaping, climbing, loving, beautiful, noisy, sensitive, rapid, drawling, wild, docile

the cat ,also known as the domestic cat or house cat to distinguish it from other felines and felids, is a small predatory carnivorous species of crepuscular mammal that is valued by humans for its companionship and its ability to hunt vermin, snakes,

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