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last sunday, my parents and I went to Beijing tour.The weather was particularly sunny,In the morning, we take a bus to the Badaling. Imposing Great Wall stretches for thousands of miles, and then boarded the go, feel the ancient wisdom and hard

爸爸、妈妈: 您们好! 我现在和旅游团一起在北京旅游有老师带的、玩的很开心、请不要担心我、旅游大概还要几天才能回来、好好照顾好自己,我会多拍些照片回来给你们看看的. 你们的孩子Linda字.

假如你是王明,上周日你和你的父母一起去北京旅行.写一篇60词左右的短文.假如你是王明,上周日你和你的父母一起去北京旅行.根据下面的提示,请写一篇60词左右的短文叙述你们所做的事情. 提示:1.上午参观了故宫和天安门广场; 2.中午在饭店吃了北京烤鸭(Beijing Duck); 3.下午参观了长城,遇到许多外国人(foreigner),他们都很友好,并拍照留念; 4.晚上坐公共汽车回家,很累,但很快乐.

Dear Simon: Last week,I and my parents went to Beijing trip. There were many building .The traffic busy. There were many places of historic interest and scenic beauty.Such as the forbidden city in beijing, the Great Wall,, the temple of heave and so on. what a pleasant trip! Yours, Lingling

要么人家给你网上摘抄,要么你自己去摘.你难道认为你是小学老师给你学生布置作文呢?真晕 自己动手丰衣足食,没人会给你写作文的放心 随便百度一下景点的介绍还会少吗?东拼西凑一下中间简单自己再把你们人物间的对话加上点就哦了

dear wang shi,i'glad to write to you.thank you for having me in beijing,i fet very happy here,people were very welcoming,food was very nice ,i was very enjoyed stay in china.hope see you soon.best regards,mike随便写就这样了

Dear Mark, How are you ?Few days ago ,my parents and I paid a visit to Beijing,and we had a lot fun there. First we visited The Palace Museum .It is also called the forbiden city.The Palace Museum is located on city center in Peking.China is


Dear Mike, I am very glad to hear that you are going to Beijing this summer vacation. As you know, there a lot of place of interests, but there are also quite a few rules and customs. As the proverb saying:'Do in Rome as Rome does.' ,so you must

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