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求一翻译, 我的那个她姓孙, 翻译成日语和英语,别拿百度翻译糊弄我=。=

He is not the Chinese teacher of our grade.

搜索答案 我要提问 求翻译成英语 我认为他在镜头前总是很迷茫,每次他的硬照英语 翻译 镜头 迷

英语就是 With you I have nobody else to chase.

1. They are my nemesis. 2. In the face of the enem

他们尊重我的工作,而且都认可我的能力:They respect my work and recogn

She didn't make so deep impression on me from

My English teacher is excellent.She is quite stric

Now,she is just my friend.

楼下的语法是错的, 应该是,i am waiting for the one who can

He tried to convince to take the new job, even tho

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