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there are. window. the , umbrella. beside


1.the children are playing computer now2.they moved a new building last week.3.mary often helps mother do the housework.4.we took many picture last sunday.

1 An interesting man is performing ,that makes the girl laugh. 2 The students are making headmaster 3 My mother don't let me watch TV 4 The man makes the horse run faster 5 In the speech competition,the boy won the prize,it makes him

The triffic is very busy in the city. We can't turn right when we see this sign. She often does good by help children cross the rode. She often does good by helping children cross the street.最后一句 do good by意为 通过某种方式做好事

My school isn't far from the bus stop.We can cross the river by boat.

解答: (1)did some shopping (2)woman space (3)received a gift (4)a big cake happy (5)spacecraft

1.The traffic is very busy in the city. 2.You can't turn right when you see the sign. 3.It's good to help the children cross the street.

[小学英语看图作文]小学英语看图作文 (经典文章,与大家分享!)Please look at the picture carefully and tell the class what you see in the picture and how you understand it

第二个:I like playing kites with my frinds on weekend.(我喜欢在周末和我的朋友一起放风筝)

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