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谢谢你的到来 thank you for coming here.欢迎你的到来 welcome

Thank you for coming

谢谢你的关心,希望你能见谅.thank you for your caring, hope that you can understand.请采纳,祝好!

Thank you for your coming .

Dear diary, thank you for your coming and willing to listen to the story of Jack and I.

Thank you for ever coming (into my life)~


谢谢我最爱的人thank you for my love谢谢我最爱的人thank you for my love

谢谢 [xiè xie] to thank 关联词条:thankye thanky thankee Thanks. thank It's very kind of arigato merci gracias

等你的到来Waiting for you to come双语例句后来我就等你的到来.And then I waited for you to come.

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