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leavebehind是什么意思leave behind 留下; 遗留; 超过; 落后 I don't want to leave anything behind. 我不想留下任何东西。 很高兴第一

What did i leave behind?是什么意思?我留下了什么?(是过去分词形式)

leave sth behind 和leave behind sth有什么不同?_百度知 一、表达意思不同 1、leave sth behind :走后留下某物;忘记了某事或某物。 2、leave

翻译:我不去想身后会不会袭来寒风冷雨,既然目标是地平线你的感觉超过了作者的水平。百分之百肯定! 你想问的是中译英吧?为讲求准确、正确和直接易懂,容我为你提供正确译文:

求助!!!有关吸血鬼女王结尾时的一首歌的歌楼上机译不通啊。。。 Moon hangs around 银月如钩 A blade over my head 垂悬在头 Reminds me what to do

请求关于<leave>的全部短语leave about乱扔 leave aside不考虑 leave for 动身去 leave go/hold of sth 松开 leave it at that(非正式用语)到

这首歌是什么歌?回答:萨尔组合 七彩明花

这到底是哪首歌?should it matter look at you 我凝视着你 Please don’t walk away 请你不要走开 I see you’re about to 我

leave to与leave behind相leave to: 留某事给处理 例句与用法 1. And the propulsion method whether steam or diesel, you'll leave to

求又简单又长用英语编的故事A Bad Impression Six people were travelling in a compartment on a train. Five of them were quiet and well

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