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解释 in particular especially特别地;尤其是 I remember one of them in particular.我特别记住了他们之中的一位.I am interested in stories in general,and in detective stories in particular.我总的来说对小说感兴趣,尤其是对侦探小说感兴趣.Are you doing anything in particular tonight?你今晚有什么特别的事要做吗?especially只能放在句首或句中,不能放在句末.而in particular可以放在句末,

in particular 特别是 双语对照 词典结果:in particular[英][in ptikjul][美][n ptkjl]尤其, 特别; 以上结果来自金山词霸 网络释义1. 尤其2. 特别,尤其3. 尤其,特别4. 特别地5. 特别地,尤其,详细地6. 特别7. in particular 例句:双语英语1.We stress that point in particular. 我们特别强调这一点.

in particular英[in ptikjul]美[n ptkjl]尤其, 特别[例句]And it hates public transportation in particular.他们尤其仇恨在公共交通工程.

不一样,in particular是介词短语,especially是副词.但两者的意思相似.especially 只能位于分句的开头,而in particular 的位置更加灵活.in particular 英 [in ptikjul] 美 [n ptkjl] 尤其, 特别 双语例句1 I think a lot of people,

1in particular=particularly2in particular是介词短语,一般放句末 I`m interested in insects,and beetles in particular. 我对昆虫感兴趣尤其是甲虫. 3而particularly就是副词,修饰动词的作用!I often do absent-minded things, particularly when I'm

意思相同,尤其 ,特别.前者是词组 后者是副词,常修饰动词或者形容词,副词等

they come here to invite me in particular.他们专门过来拜访我.in particular意为 专门的

意思很接近.不同处,in particular 有与其它不同,有特色地 的意思.recommended one book in particular. trace major population movements for the Pueblo groups in particular.especially:1. 特别;尤其;格外;主要 I liked all the children, Tom

尤其 特别

1、in particular:尤其,特别.She likes fruit and tomatoes in particular. 她喜欢水果,尤其是西红柿.in particula常用于句尾,放名词之后,做副词.2、particularly:特别地,详细地,明确地,细致地.(1)特别地;格外地.Keep your office

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