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take control of是动词词组,做谓语.in control of是介词词组,常做状语,如果要做谓语,需加be.

take control of 采取控制 动词.control 控制,名词

中文翻译为:take over control[英][teik uv kntrul][美][tek ov kntrol]接管例句:1、acquisition or takeover: one company accumulates enough of another company's shares to take over control and ownership.收购或接管:一个公

《Take Control》 - Kodaline Take control of who you areStay the same don't let them change youTake control of who you areCause ain't nobody going to save youTake control of who you areWhen the world is getting strangerTake control of who you

Addicted To Love - Skylar Grey Your lights are on, but you're not home 灯亮着, 你没有回家 Your mind is not your own 魂不守舍 Your heart sweats, your body shakes 你的心是甜蜜的, 你的身体是颤抖的 Another kiss is what it takes 另一

take control of 控制;掌管;取得对……的控制 例句1.Take control of my life. Make me be the person You want me to be. Amen.请控制我的生活,变我为你所想,阿门.2.If you are ready to take control of your investments, read on.若您已准备好要

Take control of who you are/驾驭自我Stay the same don't let them change you/坚定信心,不要随波逐流Take control of who you are/驾驭自我Cause ain't nobody going to save you/除了你没有人会拯救你Take control of who you are/驾驭自我When

前者被控制者在后,后者被控制者在前(若有).一般为under the control of

take control of 控制……in control of 在……的控制下

take charge v.看管,负责,不受控制 v.主持 take control of 驾驶,操纵 而且前一个侧重于对食物的处理与把握.后一个侧重于权力上的拥有,强势.

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